• Monday, 02 August 2021
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Guangzhou trounces Qingdao in Chinese Super League

Guangzhou trounces Qingdao in Chinese Super League

Guangzhou - Guangzhou FC thrashed Qingdao FC 6-0, clinching their two-game winning streak in the 7th round of Chinese Super League (CSL) here on Wednesday. Forward Goulart collected a corner kick in the box and seized the chance to open the scoring in the 10th minute, helping Guangzhou to start the ruthless attacks.


Forward Elkeson slotted the ball into the net before the box in the 34th minute and contributed a beautiful back-kick assist for Goulart who scored a brace in the 40th minute. Two minutes later, a powerful free-kick made by Liao Lisheng helped Guangzhou to prevail 4-0 before the interval and wilt Qingdao players throughout the second half, as Luo Guofu scored an easy header in the 65th minute.


Qingdao goalkeeper Liu Zhenli finally denied a low drive from Guangzhou's Wei Shihao three minutes later, but his fire was put out when Yang Liyu quickly followed up, knocking the rebound to seal the victory. In the other three games on Wednesday, Shandong Taishan beat Cangzhou Mighty Lions 2-0, Shenzhen FC crushed Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic 3-0, while Guangzhou City tied Henan Songshan Longmen Football Club 1-1.


Source: Xinhua

Image source: Internet


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