• Monday, 02 August 2021
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China launches new scientific expedition at Yangtze's headwaters

China launches new scientific expedition at Yangtze's headwaters

XINING - Chinese scientists on Wednesday launched a new round of expedition in the headwater region of the Yangtze River in Xining, northwest China's Qinghai Province, to investigate the region's ecological conditions.


The comprehensive scientific expedition will look into the conditions of water resources, glacial recession, and soil and water loss, among others, according to the Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI) of the Changjiang Water Resources Commission, which is leading the expedition.


The region's carbon sequestration potential will be studied as a new topic. According to the CRSRI, the team will systematically investigate the mechanism of river and marsh succession, and quantitatively analyze the carbon sequestration potential of the typical river and wetland systems in the region.


Scientists will also study the impact of climate change and river channel evolution on the region's ecological environment, and a survey on biodiversity status will be conducted. The expedition is guided by the Yangtze River Protection Law, China's first legislation on a specific river basin, which was put into effect on March 1, said the CRSRI.


Yangtze River is China's longest river. The CRSRI initiated the expedition at Yangtze River's headwaters in 1976. Since 2012, the expedition has been annually carried out, providing first-hand data for ecological preservation projects and systematic environmental management on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.


Source: Xinhua

Image source: Internet


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